Op-Ed: ‘Close the lock, stop the carp’

Asian carp jumps on the Illinois River near Utica, Ill.
Photo: Ramin Rahimian, Star Tribune

The Star Tribune editorial board writes:

Just as a landmark report has documented a dramatically healthier upper Mississippi River, congressional inaction on Asian carp is threatening to undermine this progress, jeopardizing not only the Mississippi but the well-being of the beloved lakes and rivers in its vast Minnesota watershed.

Invasive Asian carp, a family of four pugnacious-looking fish, have consistently migrated up the Mississippi faster than policymakers have moved to stop them. Halting their progress in Minnesota is especially important, according to the new report from the National Park Service and Friends of the Mississippi River advocacy group. While the report concluded that the river is recovering from decades of neglect — the result of the federal Clean Water Act and concerted public policy — the piscine invasion remains a critical concern.

Source: StarTribune.com