MinnPost • Report on metro Mississippi River health shows progress, new concerns

Editor’s note: This is a beautifully crafted, highly recommended overview of the “State of the River Report.”

Building on a striking success of four years ago, Friends of the Mississippi River and the National Park Service have updated their portrait of the metro Mississippi as a stream struggling against long odds to get healthy, and making some significant gains.

The result once again is not a dry, white-paper treatment but an engagingly written, beautifully designed and illustrated book that is easily as attractive as it is provocative. And “State of the River Report 2016,” shared with journalists yesterday in advance of its official release this evening, is plenty provocative without straying near stridency.

So one wants to hope it is capable therefore of inspiring wider activism in defense of this crucial 72-mile stretch of the nation’s greatest river.

Source: Ron Meador, MinnPost.com