Hastings Star Gazette • ‘State of the River’ report comes to Schaar’s Bluff

If you’ve been to the Hastings riverfront, you’ve been in a national park. Hastings is part of the Mississippi National River and Recreation Area or MNRRA, the 72-mile national park stretching from Dayton on the north to the Mighty Mississippi’s confluence with the St. Croix just downstream.

To find out how our local stretch of the Mississippi River is faring, the local unit of the National Park Service partnered with Friends of the Mississippi River to create the “State of the River Report.” Released in late September, the updated report has been making headlines throughout the state.

Now, the Hastings Environmental Protectors are bringing Trevor Russell, report co-author and FMR water director, to Schaar’s Bluff Gathering Center 7:30-8:30 p.m., Nov. 15, to answer the perennial question, “So, how is the Mississippi River?” and answer questions about how everyone can help protect it.

Source: Hastings Star Gazette