‘Data show positive trends in Mississippi River’

Bald eagles pluck fish from lengths of the Mississippi River, once so polluted as to be nearly without fish. And other signs show a resiliency in the big river, a capacity to heal, suggesting environmental transgressions, properly atoned, may be…

Star Tribune editorial: ‘Protecting Minnesota waters from triclosan’

Because of that leadership vacuum, lawmakers should follow state agencies’ lead and move quickly to adopt an even broader measure to safeguard the waterways so crucial to the state’s economy and quality of life. Source:

Star Tribune: ‘Minnesota government won’t buy antibacterial products’

Starting this June, don’t look for antibacterial soap in state government bathrooms. State agencies have been ordered to stop buying products that contain triclosan, a microbe-killing chemical used in everything from plastics to cosmetics to dish soap — but which…

Pioneer Press: ‘University of Minnesota study: Antibacterial soap ingredient builds up in state’s waters’

Levels of triclosan, the active ingredient in household products ranging from soap to cosmetics have increased in rivers and ponds as people have used more of it over the past several decades, according to a study made public Tuesday, Jan….

MPR: ‘Triclosan pollutes Minnesota lakes, U of M study finds’

Increasing amounts of triclosan, a common antibacterial agent used in soaps and other products, has been detected in Minnesota lakes, according to the results of a new University of Minnesota study. Source:

University of Minnesota Extention “From Shore to Shore” newsletter

The March-April edition of the University of Minnesota Extention’s Shore to Shore newsletter covers the State of the River Report.